Hamswell House Virtual Tour


Hamswell house is an old Medieval house situated near the city of Bath. Only 10min away from M5 it’s an easily accessable venue for your event. As you can see from the panoramas, it’s surrounded by nice gardens and has a great panoramic view.
It was one of the three manor houses in the parish of Cold Ashton granted to the Priors of Bath in AD 921 by Athelstan, the first king of all England. it was owned by the Priors until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1535. After that, it was sold to Sir Walter Denys.
Robert Whittington took a lease on the manor house in 1543. He was a descendant of the famous Dick Whittington, thrice Lord Mayor of London, who “turned again.” His grandson, William Whittington was finally able to buy the house and the estate in 1622 and the family owned the house and the estate for over 300 years. The battle of Lansdown was fought nearby in 1643.
During the last century, the occupants included Lord Justice Maugham, the Lord Chancellor and brother of the novelist Somerset Maughan and Major General Sir Charles Bonham Carter, the Governor of Malta.